Buffer Time

Get some space before or after the meeting by setting a buffer time as needed to avoid rushing to another appointment. Meeting scheduling tools facilitate buffer time allow you to make preparations for the next meeting, have a relaxing time, and complete other business operations in between the appointments.

Time Availability

Get a free hand to Control your availability to invitees by customizing time slots, setting a date range, or choosing specific dates and times giving you the flexibility you need. Predefined time availability helps optimize your time as it helps you plan your calendar, avoid meeting conflicts, and streamline your schedule.

Notice Period

Sometimes as a professional, it becomes hard to say no to last-minute meetings. But Calrik users can avoid such meetings that can affect their remaining day schedule. Set a notice period as per your convenience to Control how earliest an invitee can schedule a meeting with you before the meeting starts time.

Auto Detect Time Zone

No matter where you are working Calrik as a business scheduling app automatically detects invitees' time zones while they schedule meetings to cut down on any confusion related to time.

Set Time Limits

Extended meetings can affect the entire day's schedule which can make you miss out on important meetings and appointment conflicts. Online appointment scheduler facilitates hosts to give invitees a predefined time slot to avoid extended meetings eventually helping Calrik users increase productivity, having streamlined calendar and time optimization.

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