Why Consultants Use Calrik

Work on your Own Time

Set up available hours, automate schedules, and streamline workflow business operations to increase productivity using consultation scheduling software. Give sufficient time to all the clients for satisfactory consulting service.

Easy Appointment Booking

Book appointments faster and quickly using online consultation software. Make the most of your daily schedule with automated booking without spending your time managing calendars and back-and-forth communication.

Strike Impression With Branding

Create brand awareness among clients with customized branding. Add a company logo for brand recognition and create a good impression amongst clients with professional branding on your Calrik booking pages.

Increased Engagement & Retention

Send automated reminders to ensure the clients show up on time for booking consultants. Curb no-shows, double meetings and have a streamlined workflow system to maximize the output and excel growth.

Get Information Right Away

Collect required client details or documents pre-hand on the booking page itself without juggling between different apps or tools. Get well prepared for the appointment, and share the meeting agenda, company profile, and other documents.

Stay Ahead Of The Time

Let your clients find the most suitable time for themselves from the available time slots on the calendar making them feel privileged. Take a competitive advantage with online consultation software to stay ahead of the time.

Connect To More Clients

Consultation scheduling software lets predefined time duration that helps curb extended meetings. Clients can book meetings 24*7 using the meeting link making most of your available time to grow business and meet clients.


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