Why Educators Use Calrik

Improved Communication

No more spending half of your day managing calendars. Set up available hours & automate your schedule with scheduling software for schools. Curb no-shows with automated reminders and notifications.

Easy Access To Support

An automated scheduler allows students or parents to get quick, easy access to the support and resources they need at any given time. Let students and others seeking support pick the most suitable time to meet.

Immediate Resource Allocation

Let students easily book an appointment or attend online classes with education scheduling software. They’ll be matched with the appropriate advisor available at that time, eliminating the to & fro.

Increased Engagement and Retention

Ensure students show up on time for the appointment with their respective advisors by sending automated reminders. Book appointments anytime and from anywhere with Scheduling software for schools and colleges.

Set Up Recurring Appointments

Book multiple repeat appointments, team meetings, or group events in one go. Reserve your calendar spots for regular class bookings, team meetings, and more with education scheduling software.

Collaborate Efficiently, Schedule Effortlessly

Educational organizations need internal and external collaborations for smooth administration and communication. Calrik is an all-in-one solution for streamlining, administrating, and collaborating.

Complete Admission Cycles Faster

Connect with more students and complete the admission process faster with education scheduling software. Conduct interviews, and meetings and complete documentation with Calrik’s booking page.


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